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Precut Doorway Bottom Plate Before Raising Stud Wall
The best way to handle the job of framing a long stud wall, is to start it on the floor and then nail it and raise it in place. The problem is, if you've added doors the wall can be unstable. So I always leave the bottom plate for the doorways in place as I build the wall. This helps stabilize the door opening when it's raised.woodworking tip

But then you're faced with cutting out the bottom plate afterwards. This isn't difficult, but I don't like sawing into a concrete or finished floor. So I've come up with an easy trick to solve this problem. I simply lay out the stud location on the plate, then I make a cut ¾"-deep in the lower face of the bottom plate at each side of the door opening, see the drawing. Then I nail the stud wall together. That way, the plate still stabilizes the door opening while raising the wall.

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