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Faster, Cleaner Carcase Glue-up
If you've spent any time at all building cabinets, you know how difficult it is to glue up a carcase that has a fixed shelf, like the one at right. Applying and spreading glue along the entire length of the dado can be messy and time consuming. So I've come up with a trick to get around this.

Once your carcase top, bottom, and sides are assembled and the back has been installed, lay the cabinet on its back. I wait to cut the shelf, so that I can size it to fit perfectly into the cabinet. Then test-fit it to make sure that it slides in easily.
When you're ready to glue the shelf in, don't spread glue inside the dado. Most of the glue would get pushed out when you slide the shelf in anyway. Instead, I put a small drop of glue at the "top" of the dado and let the shelf spread the glue as it's inserted, see the photo at left.

You'll still get some glue squeeze-out this way, but not nearly as much. Give it a try the next time you're building a cabinet. I think you'll be pleased with the results.
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