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Choose Straight Grain to Prevent Warp

Even a straight 2x4 can bow or twist when you get it back to the shop, or worse yet, after you machine it to its final dimensions. So what can you do when you need to face-glue two pieces for a project such as the legs of a shop cart or table?

One way to get around this is to select a wider board like a 2x8 or 2x10 that has a 2"- to 4"-wide strip of straight-grained material near each edge (see top drawing). Then rip off the edges to get the pieces needed for the glue-up.

Then simply glue the pieces face-to-face to make the legs (see bottom drawing). After the glue dries, you can joint one edge and rip the blank to final width on the table saw. Plane the legs to final thickness by removing material from both sides, then finish up by trimming to final length.

Straight Grain to Prevent Warp

Straight Grain to Prevent Warp

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