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Handy Drywall Tip

When hanging drywall, sometimes you have to trim a small amount off the edge to get a piece to fit. But it's nearly impossible to make a clean break when removing a narrow strip. And if you carve the drywall with a knife, it tears the paper skin.

The solution is to first score the paper on both sides at the desired cut line. Then cut a chamfer on each edge, starting at the cut line and removing some of the gypsum core (Fig. 1). Now you can make a crisp, clean cut without tearing the paper (Fig. 2).

As an added bonus, not only does this process make it easy to fit a piece of drywall, you're using the center of the blade (not the point). So, you'll get more life out of your knife blades.

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Joel Hess
Online Editor, Workbench

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