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Can't-Miss Drywall Cutout Technique

One of the hardest parts about installing drywall is accurately cutting out the openings for electrical boxes. It usually means taking several measurements from the wall where the outlet is located and then transfering them to the drywall. It seems easy, but I still occasionally cut holes where they don't belong or don't quite fit right.

Recently, I was told of a simple solution to solve this problem. The idea is to use a template made from a plastic outlet cover plate.

Making it is easy, just trace the shape of the electrical box onto the back of the cover plate. Then simply drive a screw though the plate at each corner of the outline, see the drawings at right.

Now attach the plate onto the electrical box you're trying to locate the cutout for. Then set the drywall in position and press it against the screw points to make marks on the back of the drywall. Finally, cut between the marks for a perfectly sized and positioned cutout.
  Drywall Cutout Tip

Drywall Cutout Tip
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